Kalafina - Kimi no Gin no Niwa
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Bakumatsu Rock characters and their rockin’ seiyuu ^-^

Before and After: Tommy and God || Episode 3

I’m not some vulgar fujoshi!!



Since I’m allowed to keep the charms they messed up (they are perfectly fine, just not the style I ordered), I might as well give away some of them.

You can win the charms above. I’ll be drawing three winners: 

  1. All three charms! Hurray!
  2. Two charms of your choice!
  3. One charm of your choice!

Other important info:

  • Ends on July 20th, 2014 at 12am GMT. 
  • I’ll be shipping worldwide.
  • You don’t need to follow me to participate.
  • Winners will be drawn with help of a random generator. Please have your askbox open so I can contact you. If I cannot contact you, I’ll draw a new winner.
  • Only reblogs count.

Good Luck!


Textless version of the key visual of Yamada-kun to 7 nin no majo OAD


Meliodas & Arthur Pendragon: Chapter 85

I can’t get enough of them! They are such cuties <3

"Um… should we equip, then?"